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Continuous Emission Monitors (“CEMs”) can play a vital part in an air pollution control system. Monitors are increasingly used either in an active role to control emission control systems, in a passive role to report or assure compliance, or in a combined role to fulfill both functions. Whatever the requirement, Turner EnviroLogic can provide a CEMs system to suit your needs. This system can either be a “stand alone” system, or can be integrated into the overall emission control system. Turner EnviroLogic has the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capabilities


Sampling System

Sample probes are custom designed and fabricated for each application, using a variety of materials, and include heaters or cooling provisions, automatic blowback systems, and connections for calibration gases to verify total CEMs system operation. Umbilical bundles containing tubes for sample, calibration gas, and blowback, along with power, signal, and heat trace wiring convey the samples to the CEMs. Sample conditioners are carefully selected to adjust temperatures, remove excess moisture, and fine particulate which may interfere with measurements.



A wide variety of analyzers can be incorporated into the CEMs, depending on the monitoring requirements. With no contractual ties to instrument manufacturers, Turner EnviroLogic is free to select the most appropriate analyzers for your particular application. Typical CEMs systems may include analyzers for NOx, CO, O2, SO2, and VOC’s. Analyzers are selected for the stream being sampled.


CEMs Coordination & Control

CEMs systems are routinely fitted with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) to provide overall control of the CEMs system and coordinate functions. These are programmed to monitor operations, collect data, perform oxygen corrections (where required), and control calibration and blowback operations. Depending on the size and scope of the CEMs system, these can range from micro-type devices to full blown systems with color touch screens.


Data Collection & Reporting

A wide variety of data collection and reporting options are available to accommodate the spectrum of CEMs applications. For process control applications a simple analog or digital output signal providing concentration to an emission control system may be all that is required. For safety monitoring systems on furnaces or oxidizers, a simple contact closure or alarm may be sufficient.

Compliance monitoring typically requires data be stored, analyzed, and recorded, perhaps for reporting. This can be accomplished in a variety of means. Analog signals can be provided to a customer’s DCS or data capture system, or to a paper chart recorder for filing and storage. Electronic recorders with encrypted data storage can be provided. Data can be downloaded standard spreadsheets on the customer’s PC.

For larger and more complex CEMs, with more stringent reporting requirements Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS) can be provided. to provide fully automated calibrations of instruments, monitor calibration gas supplies and provide remote access and diagnostics.

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