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Pollution Control Industries Resources

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Environmental Protection Agency offers wealth of information on air pollution control and management. Get more information on specific pollution control industries, EPA locations, environmental regulations and summaries on emission standards. Many are .pdf files available to download.

EPA Industry Specific Regulations

This is a portion of the EPA website that contains environmental regulations and compliance assistance for specific industries from aerospace to shipbuilding.

Institute of Clean Air Companies

Contains great descriptions of the many available oxidizer technologies for pollution control industries.

NIST Chemistry WebBook

Good site to investigate chemical compounds. Includes formulas, molecular weight, etc. on many, many chemical compounds.

Environmental Expert

This website contains many contacts within the environmental and pollution control industries.

Printers National Environmental Assistance Center

Contains compliance, contacts, FAQ's and summaries regarding environmental regulations for printing, publishing and packaging industries. Check the list of links for printing organizations serving your state (i.e. www.gain.net)

Flexographic Technical Association

Includes contacts, literature, and links to information specifically for flexographic printers, including environmental regulations.

Paints and Coatings Resource Center

Organized as a compliance assistance center to deliver regulatory or pollution prevention guidance for the painting and coating industries. This website contains: Environmental regulations summaries and status, VOC calculator, and more.

National Paint and Coatings Association

Represents paint and coating manufactures, raw material suppliers and distributors. Website includes information on Federal, state, and local activities including legislative, regulatory, and judicial issues affecting the industry.

Great environmental resource for metal finishers

Article archive, environmental compliance tools, etc. Subscription is required.

Online version of Products Finishing magazine

Website includes an environmental forum and many articles on catalytic and thermal oxidizers for the paint finishing industry.

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