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Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers

Turner EnviroLogic designs and manufactures direct fired thermal VOC oxidizers for applications with high VOC concentrations where the level of VOC's themselves can support combustion without the use of fuel. Such applications include pipeline venting, tank venting, solvent cleaning station venting and chemical sterilization processes. Typically dilution air is added to supply the oxygen needed for combustion or to keep the thermal VOC oxidizer from running too hot during surges of high VOC concentrations.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

For very low VOC concentrations, Turner EnviroLogic recommends a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) that is capable of up to 99% destruction efficiency and up to 95% heat recovery. A two-chamber, industrial RTO equipment is the most cost effective selection. Individual heat recovery chambers are filled with a ceramic heat sink media. Incoming VOC laden air enters one of the chambers where the gas is raised close to the light-off temperature by heat stored in the ceramic heat sink media. The heated gas is then burned in the top combustion chamber. These hot gases are then routed through a second chamber where the heat is again stored in the ceramic media. During the next operating cycle of the industrial RTO equipment, the gas flow though the unit is reversed by switching of a proprietary switching valve.


Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Where the concentration of VOC's is lower, auxiliary fuel is needed to maintain proper destruction temperatures. To minimize the amount of auxiliary fuel needed, Turner EnviroLogic applies a stainless steel heat exchanger to preheat the incoming gas with heat from the oxidizer exhaust. Recuperative thermal oxidizers can recover up to 70% of the of combustion heat. Significant energy savings result. Additionally, a precious metal catalyst can be employed to reduce the oxidation temperature to the 750 F range. With the use of this type of catalytic oxidizer, auxiliary fuel costs can be cut in half.


Multiple Chamber Thermal Oxidizers

Multiple chamber, industrial RTO equipment is applied when 99%+ destruction efficiency is required. Again, up to 95% of the heat of combustion can be recovered by alternating the flow of gases through the individual heat recovery chambers. For further fuel savings, a catalyst layer can be installed in the industrial RTO equipment, above the ceramic heat sink media in each chamber. The temperature needed for proper VOC destruction is virtually cut in half with the use of this type of catalyst oxidizer.

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