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Today's demand for turbine based peak power generation requires a generating plant that is highly reliable, is available on short notice and meets stringent noise and emissions standards. An integral component of any peaker unit is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system utilizing specialized catalysts for the reduction of NOx and CO. Turner EnviroLogic's SCR's are proven, innovative, reliable and economical.


NOx & CO Reductions Up to 96%

Key to achieving high rates of NOx and CO reduction is even air flow across the catalyst banks and even distribution of ammonia across the face of the NOx catalyst. Reducing the characteristic turbine exhaust swirl and achieving even air flow distribution are accomplished using turning vanes in the transition section downstream of the turbine exhaust. Turning vanes are much more efficient than perforated plates alone in distributing even air flow, especially during reduced turbine loads when perforated plates lose their effectiveness as air volumes are reduced.


Improved Ammonia Distribution

Turner EnviroLogic has developed an "H-Header" system for improved ammonia distribution that ensures greater rates of NOx conversion and reduced ammonia slip. The H-Header system is an array of header pipes, each with numerous small ammonia distributor ports, arranged evenly across the face of the NOx catalyst bank. The system is self-balancing so it does not require expensive valves or complicated balancing procedures to be effective.


Low Parasitic Load

Fast start up along with low power usage and low pressure drop means Turner EnviroLogic's SCRs save money. A slip-stream of hot turbine gases pulled from the turbine exhaust is used to vaporize ammonia. This eliminates the need for expensive and maintenance prone electric heaters. The high electrical cost to operate electric heaters is also eliminated. Our SCR comes on line more quickly since the hot gases are available to vaporize ammonia within minutes. There is no need to wait for electric heaters to heat up. System pressure drop is kept to a minimum through the use of turning vanes as opposed to perforated distribution plates


Computer Modeling

Each SCR application undergoes extensive computer modeling using state of the art CFD techniques to verify the effectiveness of turning vanes used to straighten and evenly distribute air flows and ammonia. Iterative design changes progress rapidly to fine tune SCR design. We get it right the first time!


Ease of Installation

Each truck load of panels is shrink wrapped to protect them in transit and at the job site. Once at the construction site the piece marked panels are assembled with a proven bolting method. Only minimal field welding is required.


The time and cost of installing Turner EnviroLogic's SCR are reduced by virtue of our proven bolt together design. Each panel that makes up the catalyst housing is pre-fabricated at the factory including full insulation and cladding with protective stainless steel sheeting. Panels are held together in shipping racks that maximize truck loads for shipment.


SCR's for Industrial Markets

Industrial furnaces or other processes can create excessive NOx levels. We can design and build SCR's specifically designed for your conditions to achieve the desired NOx reduction.

Most industrial units are significantly smaller than turbine systems, and can be shipped assembled for drop in installation. These units can include provisions for pre-cooling and conditioning the exhaust gases prior to treatment. The SCR can utilize gaseous or aqueous ammonia, or urea for reduction. The systems can include ammonia delivery systems, controls, exhaust fans, and stacks as required.

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