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Turner EnviroLogic manufactures dampers and expansion joints for all types of industrial processes. Originally manufactured to support and complement our other air pollution control products, we now offer dampers as stand alone products. Dampers are constructed of a variety of materials depending on the temperature and corrosiveness of the exhaust stream. Low leakage rates down to 0.5% are possible using resilient blade seals. Expansion joints are constructed of stainless steels and are insulated to protect the safety of operating personnel. .


Dilution air dampers

Dilution air dampers are applied to introduce fresh air into the inlet of thermal oxidizers and wet scrubber systems. Dilution air mixes with waste stream gases to cool or reduce the concentration of air pollutants


Atmospheric or gravity dampers

Atmospheric or gravity dampers ensure that the vacuum pressure in a duct system do not get so high as to damage the duct system. A counter weight balances the damper against the internal duct pressure.


Process Isolation dampers

Process Isolation dampers coupled with fresh air dampers are used when air pollution equipment such as thermal oxidizers or wet scrubbers must be started up prior to the introduction of waste gases into the equipment. Upon start up the isolation damper is closed and the fresh air damper in open. Once the air pollution control equipment is on line, the isolation damper opens and the fresh air damper closes allowing process gas to be treated.


High temperature dampers

High temperature dampers include a ceramic refractory lining and specialized stainless steel construction to handle temperatures in excess of 2,000 °F. The shaft bearings and electric or pneumatic actuator are isolated from the high temperature through the use of heat shields and cooling fins. The design of the high temperature damper allow the shaft and blade to expand at the high operating temperatures. These dampers are used in thermal oxidizer hot gas by-pass applications and in wet scrubber systems.


Metal Expansion Joints

Metal Expansion Joints are used to protect duct work and equipment subject to thermal expansion due to high process gas temperatures. Typical applications include the connection between power generating turbines and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Expansion joints are also applied in wet scrubber quench systems. The metal bellows take up the dimensional changes as the duct work expands from heat. Turner EnviroLogic expansion joints are made from high grade stainless steels and are fully welded to eliminate leakage. We insulate the expansion joint so operating personnel are protected from high temperatures. Multiple bellows allow dimensional changes from 1" to 6".

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