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Turner EnviroLogic designs, fabricates and erects exhaust stacks of all types. Each exhaust stack is designed in accordance with ASME STS-1 standards. Each application is carefully analyzed taking into consideration wind responses, temperatures and the corrosive effects of the gases exhausted. Sampling ports, platforms and ladders are standard features.

Free-standing exhaust stacks are designed in accordance with ASTM-STS-1 standards. Regional wind velocities and exposure categories prescribed by the BOCA code are used in the determination of the forces that the stack will be subject to.

Computer Aided Design and Finite Element Analysis are used in the design of our stacks. As a result of this close attention to the forces acting on the entire stack, we can carefully vary the thickness of the wall material up the stack. You benefit from competitive pricing with the assurance of a safe design. If required, helical strakes will be added to minimize the excitation of natural frequency vibrations and subsequent ovaling caused as the wind flows around the stack.

If the application allows, guy wires can be used to assist in the support of the exhaust stack. Use of guy wires allows the exhaust stack itself to be constructed of thinner materials. This saves additional money, especially if the stack is to be made of expensive alloys such as stainless steel or corten.

A wide variety of materials is available to protect the stack from the corrosive effects of the exhaust gases. Here, a structurally supported fiber glass stack is being installed. Turner EnviroLogic designed the stack along with its support structure and supervised the installation for total turnkey service.

Emission sampling ports, platforms and ladders are standard options. Platforms can be full 360 degrees or partial, depending on the application requirements.

Turner EnviroLogic can supply a base ring bolt assembly that minimizes installation time. The bolt ring assembly is pre-fitted at the factory to match the bolt hole pattern in the base ring of the stack. This assembly is then set in concrete at the installation site. No additional time is required to align the anchor bolts with the stack. This time saving assembly minimizes the erection crane time.

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