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Orifice Scrubber

The Orifice Scrubber is best suited for wet scrubber applications involving high dust loads with particulate size of 2 micron and larger. Removal efficiencies of up to 99% can be achieved. A high liquid-to-air ratio, and the ability to incorporate chemical addition, allows the Orifice Scrubber to be applied for acid removal and odor control applications also.

With a simple yet very effective design, the Orifice Scrubber requires no recirculation pumps and has no nozzles or packing to clog. The system fan is unit mounted making for a compact footprint. Air flow capacities range from 2,200 CFM to 60,000 CFM with the capability of operation up to 500 F.


Packed Bed Scrubber

Turner EnviroLogic Packed Bed Scrubbers are used to remove odors and fumes. They are also well suited to neutralize chlorinated and fluorinated gases such as Hydrochloric acid and Hydrogen Fluoride. Packed bed scrubbers are often used as a secondary system in conjunction with thermal oxidizers to remove acid gases that may form in the combustion process.

Contaminated gas travels upward through a column of packing material. The packing provides a large wetted surface area to induce contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid. The scrubbing liquid is distributed over the packing material with nozzles and flows downward through the packing. Chemicals are added to the packed bed scrubber with an adjustable metering pump. These chemicals neutralize the odors and/or acid gases. Scrubbing liquid conductivity and/or pH are monitored to determine the amount of chemicals that need to be added to the scrubber.


Venturi Scrubber

High energy Venturi Scrubbers are used for the removal of course to very fine particulate. Even sticky and moist particulate can be collected easily. Removal efficiencies of 99.9% for particulate sizes down to 0.1 micron are achievable. Water sprays at the inlet of the Venturi can quench hot gases from processes such as casting, glass manufacturing, forging and incineration.

The throat of the Venturi Scrubber can be manually or automatically adjustable to accommodate variable gas flow rates. Venturi Scrubbers are resistant to clogging, scaling and wet/dry line build up since the venturi walls are continuously wetted.

In the Venturi Scrubber the incoming particulate laden gas is accelerated to a high velocity in a diverging section just before entering the scrubber throat where it comes in contact with the scrubbing liquid, typically water. The liquid is atomized into fine droplets that entrap the particulate with very high collection efficiency. The higher the pressure drop across the throat, the higher the collection efficiency.

After leaving the venturi throat, the cleaned gas decelerates through a diverging section and the particulate-laden droplets collide and agglomerate. The large droplets are driven into the flooded elbow, that serves as an abrasion barrier, and flow into the bottom of the cyclonic separator. Droplets that are too small for collection at the flooded elbow are collected in the cyclonic separator and flow into the bottom of the separator where a vortex breaking baffles keep the collected water flowing easily into the sump tank. Water from the sump tank is recirculated back to the inlet of the Venturi. A small portion of sump water containing 3% to 5% solids is bled off to a drain. Fresh make-up water is introduced into the piping leading to the venturi inlet so that the cleanest water meets with the incoming gas.

All Turner EnviroLogic Venturi Scrubbers are complete skid mounted systems that are pre-piped and pre-wired to minimize field installation efforts. Many grades of carbon and stainless steels are used depending on the temperature and corrosive effects of the gases to be scrubbed. Chemical addition systems can be added to neutralize acid gases.

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